Advice for any Businesses in the UK-Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

If you run any kind of Business in the UK and don't know which way to turn?.


We are here to help.

The banks will not help you out as they are there to help themselves.

Borrowing at more inflated interest rate loans is not the answer, this will destroy you totally in the long run.


What may be available to some to "apply" for today this is down to if you do "qualify" that you will be stung at the back end when this unprecedented turmoil ends.


The Banks will want Personal Guarantees, including extortionate security charges on any/all of your assets, they will look to make money and ignore any help advice from Governments.

It is our Expert opinion the Government is doing a good job thus far with limited resources, never has one seen anything like this ever.

It is now time to re-structure without any debt, to fight another day, do not delay ! call now get down to earth expert Business help and advice, we are here to solely act for you the director/owner.

Bounce back loans, have you got one and don't know how to repay it ? then we can help.

Don't give up, with us you have access to over 60 years combined Business Experience.

Important if you run a Business via a Limited Company.


Has it been suggested to you by your Accountant/Solicitor/Bank/Lender/Business Adviser that you need to seek the "expert" advice of an Insolvency Practitioner ?.

Be aware that the Insolvency Practitioner is licensed by the Court to act for your creditors best interest and NOT for your best interest even though you will be paying them and giving them access to your Limited Company.

The Insolvency Practitioner is NOT your friend.

The Insolvency Practitioner will not inform you of this, but, you will find it "tucked" away in any agreement you sign.

The Insolvency Practitioner will "reap" as much money from you and your company to fill their own pockets, the bigger the Insolvency practice the bigger fee's.

Often with Creditors getting nothing, but, leaving the Director's with the hassle of dealing with what is called a misfeasance claim, with the sole intention of extracting more funds from you.

Please be aware of the above and protect yourself at all costs.

We are dedicated to help businesses throughout the UK, to deal with and move on from situations in which they may face financial difficulties.

No one likes to think about the possibility of things going wrong, if and when the worst does happen, it`s reassuring to know that Tenable Business Support with its team of professionals are perfectly qualified to help you get through it.

Our team has a unique combination of commitment, professionalism, expertise and attention to detail and are only interested in you and your needs, not that of your creditors.

This means we can deliver a solution that will always be best suited to your specific needs and circumstances.

When you are under growing pressure from the Banks, HMRC, (Tax or Vat issues) and Creditors it can sometimes seem as if there is no way out.

Are you under pressure due to any HMRC and or PAYE Investigations?.

However, Tenable Business Support can show you many practical alternatives and options by drawing on our unrivaled knowledge and experience, carefully coordinating each separate element to deliver a fully integrated, timely and above all, effective solution.

There is very little help out there for businesses; Accountants and Solicitors often do not understand your needs and indeed in some cases, “company law”, so invariably you get steered down the unnecessary path of Insolvency.


Have you been effected by an Lpa Receivership?, if so we can help fast.

We at Tenable are committed to working in your interests and no one else's, to protect your assets and minimize your liabilities.

We have a network of professional lawyers, barristers, Insolvency Practitioners, Accountants, High Court Sheriffs and business angels that assist us in orchestrating the best possible course of action. By drawing on our unrivaled knowledge and experience, you will find that a problem shared is often a problem solved and those continuing sleepless nights will go away.

As many of our clients have found, with Tenable Business Support on their side, not only has their business fully recovered but subsequently gone on to enjoy sustained success. We very much welcome the opportunity to assist and play a part in helping achieve the same for you.

· Misfeasance - as a Director of a company you may be liable to recoveries by the Liquidator of creditors of a company for the amount of loss caused by misfeasance. Under the Companies Acts and common law, directors of companies have duties not to:

· Misapply company money
· Retain or misapply company property
· Breach any duty of trust when dealing with company money


We can always help with Winding up Petitions, Validation order, Personal Guarantee Pg, Cva's.


Section 212 of the Insolvency Act 1986 refers to the legal concept of misfeasance and makes the director personally accountable to pay back to the company the amount of loss caused by any misfeasance to the extent that the Court so orders.

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